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We’re a collaborative design and development group located in the great state of North Carolina.

Our Services

Digital Campaigns

All campaigns start with an idea. WITH creates digitally-led creative platforms that can be executed across all devices and screens. It may be web, mobile, indoor digital signs, or every screen in Times Square. We have the capabilities to fit them all.


More and more people are shopping exclusively online. We want to work to get them there. We’ve seen an 85% increase in sales with some of our redesigned e-commerce sites, and have experience selling some of the most talked about products on the web.

Integrated Marketing

Digitally-focused, integrated marketing is paramount for today’s most progressive brands. Understanding a user’s lifestyle and behavior yield the most successful integrated marketing results. A properly defined focus allows you to speak directly to your consumer.

Mobile Platforms

Mobile usage has been growing exponentially with no signs of slowing down. Campaigns should now be starting with mobile at the center. We’ve designed and developed for every major device and operating system today.

Social Media

Gain and maintain followers and fans through our global digital initiatives. Integrate your social media in all your digital properties and make it easy for people to find you. Engage your followers with Facebook games or an Instagram scavenger hunt.


WITH can help you identify new business and market opportunities in the digital world. We can produce detailed plans for execution of your new digital strategy.

In-Store Digital

The world isn’t flat and neither are you. Take over multi surface digital environments from kiosks, displays, billboards, and touch-screen interfaces in events and stores. Enhance your brand experiences from every point of purchase.

Search Marketing

All of our sites are optimized for search. Optimizing search for sites is a marriage of tech, design, and development with content strategy at the core. Proper search placements are driven by prudent use of social media and alternative content types.

Product Development

WITH collaborates with individuals and groups to concept, design, develop and launch new digital products. These products can be created as completely new brands or a sub group of an existing brand.

Branding Systems

Long term well positioned brands can be designed, created, and evolved by understanding the current digital marketplace.

Our People

Clay Johnson

Clay Johnson


Will Jardine

Will Jardine