Madden GIFERATOR: A Google Art, Copy & Code Project

To help raise awareness of the Madden GIFERATOR campaign, during every NFL game, real-time display ads appeared across the sites and apps in the Google Display Network seconds after a play happened live. Using dynamic ad capabilities, different combinations of copy, images and backgrounds unique ads were created on-the-fly to reflect what’s happening in each game, in real time. To make these dynamic ads a reality, we collaborated with Grow to create a build process and the front-end code used by these ads.

About the Campaign

Part of Google’s Art, Copy & Code project, the Madden GIFERATOR (a collaboration between Google, EA Sports, Grow, and Heat) is a highly sophisticated NFL GIF engine created for the launch of EA Sports’ signature football game Madden NFL 15. The Madden GIFERATOR’s aggressive, bleeding edge technology fuses live NFL data with Madden NFL 15 footage to kick out real-time GIF highlights for every game, all season long. The result is an ever-growing arsenal of customizable GIFs football fans can hurl in the face of their rivals.

Awards & Accolades

An FWA Site of the Day and an FWA Mobile of the Day.

Madden GIFERATOR Screenshot #1