Nike Phenomenal Shot: A Google Art, Copy & Code Project

For the Nike Phenomenal Shot campaign we worked with Grow to create a rolodex module that was used in the campaign’s desktop and mobile experiences, and to create the build process and ad files that allowed the content served across Google’s global ad network to be localized within 15 different languages and change dynamically in real-time based on the user’s location and actual moments happening in the World Cup.

About the Campaign

Nike Phenomenal Shot is a real-time marketing campaign that let fans remix and share pivotal moments of the 2014 FIFA World Cup — just seconds after those moments happened on live TV. The 3D experience was delivered instantly across both desktop and mobile devices and on Google’s global ad network, putting fans on the pitch and behind the lens as each game’s story unfolded. Phenomenal Shot was part of Google’s Art, Copy & Code project, and was a collaboration between Google, Nike, Grow, Wieden+Kennedy, Mindshare, Goo Technologies, and Passion Pictures.

Awards & Accolades

An FWA Site of the Day and an FWA Mobile of the Day.

Nike’s Phenomenal Shot Screenshot #1
Nike’s Phenomenal Shot Screenshot #2
Nike’s Phenomenal Shot Screenshot #2